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Alpha-GPC 50%

Reviews for Alpha-GPC 50%
4.5 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
Jim from Kansas on Feb 06, 2014
This is a great product and I immediately felt a great difference in my days using Alpha GPC along with Pramiracetam. Alpha GPC was more subtle on me, but I noticed that not only was my thinking clearer and easier, but I slept better and had a greater ease in remembering things. My only dissatisfaction is that this product is not sold in one the plastic bulk containers that the Pramiracetam is. I bought one to go along with it, but found pouring the contents of the bag into the plastic bin was a little messy and left (at a guess) about 50mg of the Alpha in the bag, clinging to the inside. This would be excellent sold in the bulk bins alone (HINT HINT) :D
This is a great cognitive and memory enhancer and worthy of anyone shooting for that ultimate NZT stack.
Response from Health Supplement Wholesalers
Feb 12, 2014
we are starting to stock many of our products in the plastic tubs so please keep an eye out for that option in the upcoming months! Thank you for your review
Ozkan from Istanbul on Jan 16, 2014
My first purchase from HSW. Very fast shipment. Good packing. Excellent product. Alpha-GPC is a must if you use racetams or ampakines. I prefer %50 instead of %99 because it is highly hidrogic and becomes difficult during tablet/pill making.
AA from MD on Oct 09, 2013
Great tasting for a choline. This taste like powdered milk. Great to stack with the racetams. Very effective and at times makes me feel intense in a good way. It works well even at lighter dosages.
Joseph from United States on Sep 21, 2013
I only have one complaint. The scoop is way too small for the large bag that the Alpha GPC came in which causes me to get Alpha GPC all over my hand when I go in to scoop. Aside from that, the quality of the product was great. HSW has low price, great packaging, and fast shipping. Will buy from HSW again.
Matthew W. from Baltimore on Jul 01, 2013
Here's the deal. I stack this with pramiracetam, aniracetam, NOOPEPT, and several different choline sources. I mix my routine up daily, stacking certain choline sources with different racetams. I'm a chronic insomniac. I'm typically tired all the time. So, while this doesn't help with sleep it certainly helps me deal with my constant lethargy. I do, typically, feel more alert and also less anxious and angry about being over tired. I can only imagine how it would affect me if I got a solid 7 to 8 every night. My biggest complaint is I wish the scoop handles were 6in. longer. It's a pain in the a** getting the powder out of the larger bags.
Chris from Las Vegas NV on Jun 10, 2013
I'm a bit disappointed in this particular product. The first batch I ordered seemed to be nearly pure Alpha GPC (very high solubility in water, and I only had to take 200mg or so to start feeling the improvement of racetam effects). It had that creamy consistency one of the other reviewers mentioned. I was impressed, so I bought another order.

The second batch I received was totally different, which is already a pretty bad sign in a supplement. Not creamy, but instead sandy feeling, not completely water soluble. It has a bad taste, and I have to take higher doses to notice the effects. The COA says it all, now that I've finally looked at it closely (my bad for not looking in the first place). The product claims to be "pure bulk powder", but "pure" is not quite the right word for a product that is 52% Alpha GPC, and 48% other (mostly dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, which is a calcium supplement mostly used in processed/pet foods). There's also 0.5-1.5% silicon dioxide...yep...the product is about 1% sand. Adding calcium is probably not hazardous (though theoretically does increase the possibility of excitotoxicity from some ampakines, like aniracetam or sunifiram), but it's doubling the shipping weight and adding no value. Also, the supplement information label is still incorrect after several months of my mentioning that the label says that taking 500mg of the product will provide 150mg of alpha GPC (it should say ~250mg of alpha GPC).

I generally like this site, but this particular product is not up to the standard of quality I see elsewhere. Please fix it. Silicon Dioxide and Dicalcium Phosphate are not water soluble like Alpha GPC, so you or your supplier should easily be able to purify this and truly offer "pure bulk powder". Get your supplier to do it, so you can halve your shipping costs?...
Douglas J from United States on Mar 17, 2013
I always know a good quality alpha-GCP by its consistency. If it melts when you're trying to put it in capsules in 70 degrees than you know it's the real deal. It works as described and is a fundamental part of my stack
Thomas M. from United States on Feb 25, 2013
Best choline source AND nootropic effects.I use Alpha GPC not only because it's the most bioavailable choline source, but also for it's nootropic properties. I seems to behave positively on dopamine release, thus make me feel energized. Great product.
Krispin Puga from United States on Feb 06, 2013
Amazing. Cost effective, works amazing with will get amazingly vivid dreams on the first day. Also, helps with Growth Hormone release 30 min before sprints...I have gained visible muscle in 3 weeks.
Krzysztof Wolski from Canada on Jan 31, 2013
Quick and Clean. Item (GPC) tastes great, works as advertised and delivered in record time, awesome work guys!
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