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Reviews for Aniracetam
4.9 out of 5, based on 21 reviews
Nick from Philaedelphia on Mar 29, 2014
I make capsules of aniracetam together with oxiracetam and pramiracetam or other racetams. Potent combo. Aniracetam alone though is pretty good. Maybe occassional headache even with plenty of choline but other than that, can't complain. Great focus and energy, and a great company.
David Tomen from Miami, FL on Mar 26, 2014
Their price is very competitive, shipping is fast, and quality product. 750 mg aniracetam with 500 mg sulbutiamine, tablespoon of unrefined organic coconut oil and choline citrate or Alpha GPC - the best antidepressant I've ever used. from Rochester NY on Mar 13, 2014
Awesome Product, worked just as I hoped it would!
Chris from South Carolina on Mar 11, 2014
I decided to try aniracetam instead of other racetams because I have to go to work in the evenings after I workout. Before I took aniracetam, I would be either brain dead from my workout or jittery from caffeine after taking a pre-workout a few hours before hand. Aniracetam helps keep my mind clear and alert, and I don't get jittery or wired if I have caffeine.
James from Los Angeles on Mar 07, 2014
I stumbled upon nootropics a month ago and really reasearched what they are and different types. Before Aniracetam, I had great problems getting motivated, I get nervous just by ordering at a counter, I had feelings of just doubts and didn't understand why I just lagged at things. I couldn't remember anything for the life of me. It really affected what I did everyday. I had problems waking up, and felt sleepy all day even though I had 12 hours of sleep. I design and I ne ed to be very creative at all times, but even that was a struggle. It's very important to take a Choline supplement with Aniracetam, I use the cheapest I could find , and I also take it with 3 tablespoons of olive oil . Aniracetam really took a week for me to take effect. And I saw results after a week on it. My point of view became brighter, like the feeling that I was awesome. I don't stutter when ordering at a counter or asking for questions. In fact I don't stutter anymore. My confidence skyrocketed, and I am able to deal with people, my self esteem also skyrocketed. I used to believe people da strangers didn't like me, and now if they did I see it as one of their character short comings not mine. Iwas able to see clearly what I needed to do in life and daily, and the things I was doing that wasn't successful. The effects of Aniracetam also becomes more efficient when you learn skills you want improved. So I learnt how to speed read, I have perfect compreheion at first reading,ohand soud is much crisper I heaeverything. It seems. I got books on to speak to people, increasing charm and I started practicing it, I feel like Superman. Aniracetam is like , imagine how would you see your ideal self to be, being able to walk in a room without the Weired feelings. And getting things done, I don't Lolly gag any more. I get things done.
A from Tallahassee on Jan 22, 2014
This is one of the best cognitive enhancers I've ever tried. I took two doses of 750mg separated by eight hours every day for about an entire month. At the end of this period, my mind felt a lot clearer and I was always very thoughtful. Since my field has a lot to do with verbal communication, this has become a staple in my diet. But one should ensure that they take this with a good source of fats such as Fish or Flaxseed Oil. A lot of people seem to think it does not work because they take it on an empty stomach. It's a fat soluble compound which requires consumption of fat for better absorption. Also, I would suggest a Choline source like CDP Choline, even though I got Alpha GPC. I would recommend the former because it does not become gooey when exposed to moisture unlike GPC. Besides, for some people Aniracetam works right away. I am one of those people. But if you don't feel the effects of this nootropic immediately, don't assume that it does not work. Give it some time, like 3-4 days and even a week, and it will definitely make you feel a lot more confident and give you amazing clarity. Another positive effect I noticed was increased sociability. If you are an introvert, this can definitely help you become more open and friendly. And as far as cons are concerned, I don't think I noticed any. I did some research prior to taking it and found no review or study that stated that it had a negative impact on health even at very high doses. So I believe this is a very safe compound to use. But still, just to be on the safe side, I would suggest that you take it once your brain has fully developed, i.e., from the age of 23.
Al from California on Nov 18, 2013
Improves my mood a lot I feel more comfortable being around a lot of people, I have social anxiety and it helps with that. It also helps with focus, motivation and concentration, not as much as noopept does but I can notice a difference. I have to take 500mg-1g at a time twice a day, anymore than that and I get brain fog. The only bad thing about aniracetam is that it lasts 3-4 hours and its half life is 1-2 hours and I have to take a choline with it between 300-500mg or i will get a headache that lasts all day.
silenthunder from toronto gta on Sep 30, 2013
noticeable increase in focus and clarity. I have measured this in reading speed and via mindfulness practice (also since I am addicted to online tetris - noticeable increase in ability to think quickly). You should take a choline supplement imho otherwise you might 'bonk' pretty hard 6 hours or so after taking.
Byron McCalman from USA on Aug 12, 2013
Physical and mental recovery after a neck and back surgery had been difficult until Health Supplement Wholesalers supplied me with Aniracetam. Their shipping is always fast and product is highest quality giving me a certain edge that I needed physically and mentality for recovery. I recommend this Aniracetam and HSW as the very best on the market.
CS from Bay Area CA on Aug 06, 2013
So glad I found aniracetam - and HSW certainly provided quality service & product. Will definitely be ordering again!
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