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Longjack 200:1 Root Extract (Tongkat Ali)

Reviews for Longjack 200:1 Root Extract (Tongkat Ali)
4.3 out of 5, based on 12 reviews
Mat W from Melbourne, Australia on Oct 19, 2013
Somewhat hit and miss but mostly great stuff. Tasted shocking which is always a good sign of quality but once it got going I had some awesome moments especially in the gym with this stuff. Will use the 100:1 ratio for now and the 200:1 again once it becomes available.
Paul from Boston, MA on Sep 09, 2013
Honestly, this is the best stuff I've ever tried. I have no affiliation with this company. I've been taking their Longjack for over a year on and off. This stuff works like ba**s. Cycle 5 days on / 2 days off. You'll notice a little leaning, slight decrease in body fat after continued use. Your gym pumps will be increased. You'll have more energy and overall feel better. Expect your libido to rise dramatically. One of the greatest things about this supplement is you can stop at anytime and there are no negative side effects. Your body goes back to normal without any uncomfortability. Take and stop as you please. Your test levels won't plummet after cessation like other supps. This definitely boosts your testosterone. Works rather quickly too. Start with 500mg then work your way up to 1500mg / day in 3 separate doses. I'm being straight. Try it.
don from usa on Sep 08, 2013
Best quality/price longjack I have come across. Great mood enhancer and test booster. Definite increase in strength and endurance in the gym. Will order again. Highly recommend
yano from tampa on Aug 26, 2013
I purchased this product. while it dose contain tongcat ali I don't belive its 100% tongkat ali 200:1. this is similar to many pruducts I have purchased from china which I belive have been diluted and sold as pure. Im not saying this company is the one cheating us but someone is.
John B from West Palm Beach Florida on Jun 01, 2013
Excellent product !!!! I only buy from HSW due cost, quality and speed of shipping. I have cycled on and of this product for the past year. L.J. is the main component of my supplement regime. I will taper dosage from 200 to 1000mg per day. You will need enough L.J. for a minimum three week cycle. L.J. needs about three to four weeks in your system to make a difference that YOU WILL NOTICE (Just give it Time). Search the web to gain more information on dosage, cycles and effects. L.J. is one supplement you won't believe what you read about until you try it. L.J. does not dissappoint when used correctly.
gary haas from new jersey on May 06, 2013
this supplement works very well was reviewed on dr. oz show with positive results a good price at hsw thank you
TOM ZHANG from ARKANSAS on May 02, 2013
I was skeptical at first, but I bought it and took it, and it is the best testosterone enhancer ever. It made me really horny in 30 minutes and the next day I already see more lean muscle. I have hormonal acne, so those of you do, make sure you have proper skin care in place before getting on this. But yes, that only shows this thing does its job, increases testosterone. It works better than tribulus, but I rotate them. Longjack for 1 week, then trib, then back to Longjack. Make sure you take it with D-Aspartic acid in the morning.
Oscar C. from Texas on Apr 24, 2013
Use it to get my test up for active life at 51yrs. Works for me. Ready for workouts at gym and social life as well.
Richard P. from United States on Mar 04, 2013
not sure yet just started. not sure yet just started it
Lon B. from United States on Feb 28, 2013
Long-jack. This product seems to be working for me.I was glad to get it at a decent price.Happy customer.
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