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Mucuna Pruriens Extract 98% L-DOPA

Reviews for Mucuna Pruriens Extract 98% L-DOPA
4.3 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
DK from California on Nov 15, 2013
The first time I took this, I felt euphoric for a few hours. However, subsequent uses did not yield the same results.
For this reason, I use it in combination with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (i.e. hordenine). Otherwise the dopamine just gets broken down to nothing and you get an experience like the one star review you see. In combination with hordenine, this ranks up there with noopept as my favorite supplement stack (3-5 hours of happy energy). Be careful though, too much of either will make you lightheaded and dizzy.
Tom from FL on Oct 30, 2013
I personally found it to be a great item. Provides nice, smooth results. It's important to remember that Mucuna Pruriens extract contains significant concentrations of L-dopa which get's converted to dopamine, both peripherally (outside of the body) and centrally (in the brain). In my opinion, it's a fantastic product even if it is subtle on some days and more intense on other days.
Crucke Daryl from Belgium on Oct 08, 2013
I don't share your experiences. It did nothing on me. Maybe because I'm used to phenibut ?
Joshua from Phoenix, AZ on Sep 10, 2013
This stuff is like a bunch of happy in a bag, people at work tell me I'm always in a good mood like even if I got hit by a car I would be smiling. Very potent and definitely gives you the benefits of more dopamine which is all good.
Joe from Seattle on Apr 25, 2013
This supplement works well with L-Tyrosine. Combined they give me a general dopamine "good" feeling throughout the day. I will continue to by this product and use it in my stacks.
Daniel N. from United States on Mar 14, 2013
Doc Nuzum. These supplements are working for me wonderfully!!
Jason S. from United States on Feb 21, 2013
L dopa. Great quality as always. Will continue to purchase my supplements from you


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