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Reviews for Noopept
4.7 out of 5, based on 51 reviews
Steve from 49506 on Mar 12, 2014
I work 3rd shift and am trying this product in order to sharpen my mental focus. I've been taking it twice a day and despite have found it to be seemingly effective in that regard. I have found that a larger than recommended dose works best for me. I have not noticed any signs of toxicity to date and the taste is much more tolerable than Pramiracetam.
Rob from Toronto on Feb 27, 2014
Great quality pept. Happy with shipping. This stuff was made to help mitigate the effects of years of alcohol consumption on the brain. It works. I swear by it.
Jason from Iowa on Feb 27, 2014
Works well, good focus for workout. Also nice for the afternoon when focus tends to go down. Only complaint is that the powder tends to be a bit clumpy, but I just smash it with a spoon and it is fine. Great price!
JB from FL on Feb 25, 2014
My results with Noopept were very similar to those described elsewhere on the Internet and in these reviews. It does have a noticeable calming effect for me. Unfortunately, that is the opposite of what I need as I have severe fatigue due to chronic illness. For me, the product is simply too sedating. The few times I was able to stay awake after taking it, I did notice an increase in concentration and ability to sit through a task for a much longer period of time than I normally would.

I would highly recommend this product for persons who need a non-stimulating concentration boost. If it weren't for my energy issue, I would much prefer this over any type of caffeine or other jitter-inducing supplements.

I used the Noopept purchased via Health Supplement Wholesalers with and without Choline Bitartrate, both with food and on an empty stomach, as well as by itself and in addition to other supplements and prescription medications. I did not have any ill effects: no stomach upset, headache, no "crash" feeling whatsoever. I do intend to keep the product on hand for days when my energy level is high and I need to focus.
Bruce Keller from Pensacola, FL on Feb 18, 2014
I thought I wrote a review a week ago, ironic I suppose. I am reviewing again to say that noopept plus choline citrate (soon to be Alpha-GPC or CDI Choline) and I suppose now L-Theanine and some occasional phenibut has now spawned an incredible improvement in myself. I am much more confident, far more verbally acrobatic, and I am able to socialize and interact with people on a whole other level than I have in quite some time, possibly better than ever.

I had suffered from some PTSD about a decade ago, and I've also had a concussion or two or three; so I've been on a decline of sorts, drinking a little too much probably didn't help any. I'd moderated my drinking anyways and frankly these all together give me enough of a sense of well being that I've gone even more moderate on alcohol.

I don't know if these would produce the kind of results I am having for anyone. Maybe it works best for people who've had their heads banged around a little or drank too much for a little while a while ago. I don't know. But I can't say it's placebo at all. That would be one heck of a placebo.
Bruce Keller from Pensacola, FL on Feb 16, 2014
Good stuff. Doesn't really make me feel "smarter" per say, but over the last 2 weeks anxiety has gone down, life goals are being set when I've been in a stasis the last 2+ years, I'm reading more, I'm funnier and more social.

I also supplement it with some Choline(like 1.5g bitartrate), B-12 Complex; and every once in a while, phenibut.

I kind of want to just get a huge stockpile of the stuff.
bill from Metairie, La on Feb 05, 2014
This is a great supplement . It is super for focus and at the same keeps you calm . A little of this product goes a long way ( 10 - 12 mgs).
Jim from Dover, NH on Jan 28, 2014
I have problems with "brain fog" or cloudy thinking and noopept helps clear my head a lot. My vision gets clearer as well and I feel more energized. You also get a lot for your money, it's worth trying in my opinion if you want or need to think more clearly.
Alex from California on Jan 11, 2014
Noopept really keeps my mind from wandering. I find it great for hours of focus, and deep concentration. I also notice a feeling of calm contentedness from noopept, a trust in my ability to effectively rationalize which leaves no room for anxiety.
Davor from Croatia on Jan 05, 2014
Very strong for me ... Only 10 mg working nice for me... Recomended!
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