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Phenibut HCL

Reviews for Phenibut HCL
4.8 out of 5, based on 19 reviews
Customer from United Kingdom on Mar 18, 2014
I use 200mg per day before bed and this helps me get a better sleep and feel brighter. Please respect this product so that you can enjoy the long term benefits.

I discovered HSWS through Amazon UK but now order direct from here. Their prices are great, postage costs are spot-on, and packaging is always solid.
Casey from Albuquerque on Mar 12, 2014
This stuff works very well. I took what was recommended on a few forums I read through, and was knocked down to an IQ of about ninety for about twelve hours. I took .8g the first dose, and knocked it down to .4g, and that seems to help me sleep without handicapping me any of the following day. I have used drugs that affect the same pathways as phenibut, but was still unprepared for how hard this hit, and how long it lasted.
Be careful, and start lower than 800 mg if you have no experience with this stuff.
Hard Soma from IL, USA on Feb 25, 2014
Excellent product, have ordered from here twice now and it's been consistent A+ quality. Phenibut is no joke and demands respect, so do your research, know the side affects (little to none with proper use), plan your dosage schedule accordingly, and you'll have a fantastic time. Useful and fun in most situations: chilling on the computer, getting swole, grabbing a few brews, hitting up chicks, book-learnin, etc

TLDR: 1) Research it 2) Buy it from hsw for bottom prices and top quality 3) Have fun
Jacob from USA on Jan 23, 2014
Product seems to be as pure as stated, works just as good as the phenibut from other suppliers. I find it works amazing for sleep. My only problem is that after using it for 2 weeks, I was not able to fall asleep without but after some research found that it is from dopamine rebound. So I suggest only using every other day or 3 days then without for 3 days. I will surely be ordering again.
josef from knoxville tn on Dec 02, 2013
Great product fast shipping. works great for anxiety
Josef from Knoxville on Nov 30, 2013
Phenibut is by far the best supplement I have ever taken. People say that you get withdrawal from taking it every day but I have had no problem with it and take it days in a row at higher doses. Works great for anxiety and depression.
Subkid from East Texas on Nov 13, 2013
Good quality product at a great price. Just as good as the name brands. Phenibut is good for a number if things such as sleep, stress and anxiety relief, potentiating opiates, and coming down off stimulants.
George from USA on Sep 30, 2013
This phenibut is great quality. I've compared it to the name brand product and they are the same. The only difference is that it's not in pill form and the price is much cheaper.
Another Todd from NH USA on Sep 08, 2013
Great product at an unbeatable price. The lure of Phenibut is that you want to take more. This is a huge mistake. It's likely the biggest mistake people make with this molecule. I have found that very small(even sub-clinical doses) can have profound effects on anxiety. I get relief from anxiety with as little as 80mg. doses 3x /day.

I have no liver or kidney issues whatever, so it's not an issue of 'clearance.' My metabolism is likely pretty fast due to lots of physical activity. From weights to cycling, I'm always training something.

A word about cycling Phenibut. At the relatively small doses I take, I have never had an issue with tapering off, and have had no withdrawal issues. None.

However, if you treat Phenibut like candy, and have a sweet tooth, you'll likely get burned. Small amounts, and little frequency are the way to have a healthy relationship with Phenibut. Drink plenty of good fluids, eat well, and exercise, use Phenibut sanely, and you won't have a crazy tale to tell. Your life could well be enriched by strictly following simple rules.
Michael Troester from San Diego, CA on Aug 24, 2013
As noted above, there isn't a single company can beat the price that HSW offers on phenibut. Most reviewers have mentioned using it for sleep, but I think relaxation is where Phenibut really shines. I really enjoy taking smaller doses (600-1200mg) with other relaxing supplements.
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