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Shilajit Powder

Reviews for Shilajit Powder
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
dh from Los Angeles on Nov 13, 2013
You would have to pry this stuff out of my hands to get me to quit taking it. Since starting, my tolerance to surfing in chilly water has improved dramatically and the time it takes me to warm back up from a shivering state has reduced noticeably.
At the gym, that last "failure rep" now has little muscle pain associated with it. I can hold the weight stationary for a few seconds pushing pulling or against it. Before, I would just drop the weight due to the agonizing pain. I read elsewhere that shilajit seems to increase mitochondrial efficiency, which may explain my observations. I have noticed a large difference in the actual powder between orders from HSW. I have never taken shilajit other than from HSW. Sometimes the powder has been a tan color slightly sweet and a little bitter. My latest bag is much darker brown and much more bitter. The benefits do seem consistent however.
jill traver from United States on Feb 01, 2013
shilajit rocks. this stuff has helped me and 20 other people woweee. diabetes cured ed cured weight loss done bladness gone in 2 males that was bald


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