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Bulk Powder Testosterone Supplement Stack

Reviews for Bulk Powder Testosterone Supplement Stack
4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Jeremy from California, US on May 04, 2013
I'm convinced this product is effective at what it claims to be.
I definitely noticed an increase to blood circulation throughout my body as a whole.
I recommend.
szary from Poland on Apr 14, 2013
It's not only testosterone boosting stack but also a great pre-workout thanks to addition of agmatine and stevia - both are nitric oxides promoting compounds.
Also longjack can help with better endurance not only in bedroom.
Robert from United States on Mar 11, 2013
Very happy with this. I've been taking this for four weeks. five days on, two days off. I bought this to help me taking on a cross fit class at the age of 52. I have definitely noticed a change in strength and endurance, even after the first week, and I actually look forward to exercise, rather than dread it.
Joseph Oneil from United States on Jan 19, 2013
Consumer. So far so good....will know more in a few weeks


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