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Vinpocetine Supplement 10%

Reviews for Vinpocetine Supplement
4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Joe from Seattle on Apr 25, 2013
This Vinpocetine works very well, but I learned the hard way to use due diligence and caution when stacking it because of its effectiveness and possibility to potentiate other supplements. Every time I use this supplement, shortly after dosing it I notice a subtle flush of blood flow toward my face and head, which I immediately know it's kicking in. It works well and does it's job!
13ryanCoe from United States on Feb 12, 2013
Helped my Headaches, Cognition, and Blood Flow. Vinpocetine seems to have a great effect on headaches. I very rarely get one, but about 2 hours ago I did and decided to test this supplements's vasodilating effects. I can't prove whether this was placebo, or if it was the water I drank with it (though I felt hydrated), but an hour later the headache was barely noticable and two hours later, gone. I definitely notice the cognitive effects as well. I already supplement with ani-, prami-, choline, dmae & sulbutamine so my memory is fine, but Vinpocetine still had a noticable effect on memory, learning, and in my experience also reduced stress and increased reaction speed. Short term memory in specific was greatly improved for me and definitely has sold me on keeping this supplement in my stack. I should add I smoke 2-5 hand rolled ciggerettes a day on average (I don't condone this!), which immediately constrict blood vessels. I figured Vinpocetine could help as it may do the opposite (would love to have this proved/disproved). I take Vinpo about half an hour before a smoke I have consistently felt more clear headed, breathed lighter, and had much less of my occasional headaches. Love it! Read Less
Alan from United States on Feb 07, 2013
Vinpocetine. I use this as a part of my nootropic stack, also when i'm trying to cycle off of caffeine. Vinpocetine helps dilate blood vessels in the brain, so does caffeine. When withdrawal symptoms come from caffeine your blood vessels in your brain contract making more blood flow but less room causing the disturbing headaches you get. It's cheap last a while can't go wrong :)


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